membership pricing

Our cancel-anytime membership options with unlimited roll overs can save you up to 25% on your manicures. And with our all-inclusive pricing system (15% baseline gratuity included), what you see is what you're billed: no hidden fees or added costs.

$10 off pedicures ($50)

free gel removal

free birthday manicure

roll over unused manicures
(credits never expire)

gift unused manicures

free cancellation anytime

boss member

$90 monthly
2 no-chip manicures per month

$1,000 annually
24 no-chip manicures

hustler plus member

$90 monthly
4 basic manicures per month

$1,000 annually
48 basic manicures

hustler member

$45 monthly
2 basic manicures per month

$500 annually
24 basic manicures per year

hybrid member

$90 every 6 weeks
1 no-chip manicure +
2 basic manicures
$850 annually
16 no-chip manicures +
8 basic manicures